Focusing on International Perspectives,Panyi Elite Cup·2024 New Year Cup Successfully Concluded

2024-05-01 11:37

Recently, the seven-day ",Panyi Elite Cup·2024 New Year Cup" football match was successfully concluded in Yancheng Dafeng. Thirty-six clubs and 104 elite teams from 16 countries and regions in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, northern China and South Korea gathered together to compete for the honor of the U7-U13 age group. More than 1,400 young players have brought us in 457 games and over 2,500 great goals during the tournament. This tournament not only provides a platform for young players to show their talents, but also shows the charm of football and its international vision.




On the field, the young players showed the tenacious fighting spirit. Despite the cold weather and the sudden heavy rain, strong wind and other adverse conditions, they still insisted on finishing the game, and performed very well. This indomitable spirit is not only amazing, their tenacity and enthusiasm has become the most moving scenery on the field. In addition, we pay special attention to the safety and health of our players. At the game site, the professional medical team tracked the whole process to provide timely medical treatment for the players to ensure their health. At the same time, we also provided the players with warm ginger soup and rich nutritious meals, so that every player can get full care.





In addition to the game itself, we also carefully created a strong football atmosphere. The award ceremony was held on the football field, and the use of trophies, MEDALS, event arches, fireworks and other atmosphere props added to the joy and warm atmosphere. This unique sense of ceremony not only honored the winners, but also left the audience with unforgettable memories.


Panyi Sports hopes to gradually develop it into a small Asian Cup and attract more international teams to participate. In this tournament, we saw teams from South Korean clubs, who not only improved the international level of the tournament, but also provided opportunities for Chinese young players to play with players of their international age.

The successful holding of the Panyi Elite Cup·2024 New Year Cup marks that Chinese youth football matches are gradually becoming international and professional. Through continuous learning, exploration and learning from international experience, we firmly believe that this competition brand will become an important force to promote the development of youth football in China. This will not only provide more opportunities for Chinese youth football to learn and show, but also lay a solid foundation for cultivating more excellent players with international vision and competitiveness.


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