Crossing Borders, Building a Shared Football Dream - A Review of the 2023 Panyi Elite International

2024-05-01 11:29


Hosted by Shanghai Panyi Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Yancheng Yufeng Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd., "Panyi Elite International Youth Football Championship" came to a successful conclusion on August 5th, showing a wonderful football feast in the 14-day competition. The tournament attracted 100 teams from China, Japan and South Korea, with more than 1,400 players and coaches, and nearly 60 referees and staff to ensure the smooth running of the tournament.


The competition is divided into champion group and super group. In the first phase of champion group, four champion teams from U8 / U9 / U / U10 / U12 age group stood out and successfully advanced to the super group. The games of the Super group were wonderful, and the players' superb ball skills were breathtaking. The elite teams of China, Japan and South Korea played 100 percent strength and took every game seriously.




The vision of "Panyi Elite International Youth Football Championship" is to create a small Asian Cup and promote football exchanges between youth from China, Japan, South Korea and neighboring countries. In order to achieve this goal, on July 31, Shanghai Panyi Sports and the South Korean Qingshan Football Association took the lead in signing a strategic cooperation agreement to promote and deepen the exchange and cooperation of youth football between the two countries through football matches and youth training exchanges.

We have witnessed the interweaving of sweat, tears and smiling faces on the field of "Panyi Elite International Youth Football Championship", hoping to convey the happiness and fighting spirit of football to more people and give birth to more football talents. As the slogan of the competition "YOUNG HEROS, SOCCER MAESTROS" means, the strength of the youth means the prosperity of the country, and the youth are the hope of the future of football. Let's look forward to the arrival of the next competition, all football heroes will meet next year!


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