2024 Pinnacle Youth Talent Gathering International Tournament Partnership

2024-05-01 11:24

The champion teams of the U10/U11/U12 Super Groups at the 2024 Panyi Elite Cup DaFeng venue will receive entry tickets to overseas competitions, representing the "Panyi Elite Cup" tournament alliance to compete overseas, showcase their talents in Thailand, and bring glory to the country!

The champions of the U10 age group can be selected for the Thai TAR Championship

The TAR tournament brings together the best U11 football teams that will compete for the final global U11 football championship. The tournament, which runs from 13 December to 15 December 2024, will feature at least 56 teams from six continents, allowing players to show off their talents. The TAR International Championship is not just a football tournament, it is also a celebration of beautiful football, bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds. You will have the chance to see some of the most exciting and intense games and see the stars of tomorrow.


The champions of U11 age group can be selected to LaLiga Youth Tournament

LaLiga Youth Tournament is a youth football tournament hosted by the Spanish Professional Football League (LaLiga). Junior football teams from different regions and countries can participate in competitions, and they have the opportunity to communicate and compete with peer players from elsewhere. This international competition can not only promote the friendship and communication among young players, but also improve their playing experience and skills.


The U12 Age Group Super Group champions have the opportunity to be invited to the Royal Thai Football Championship-King's Cup

The 2024 Royal Thailand Football Championship-King's Cup will kick off on December 4-5 in Huafuri, Thailand, with 10-12 junior teams expected to compete from all countries. The 2024 Royal Thailand Football Championship-King's Cup is an invitation system and qualifying system, with non-independent registration.


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